Recycle Your Spent Light Bulbs Here!

Recycling light bulbs and ballasts prevents the release of mercury and other toxic substances into the environment. California prohibits mercury-containing lamps and ballasts from being discarded into landfills. Bring your spent light bulbs to us and we'll recycle them for you! All work is done in accordance with all State and Federal regulations and ISO 14001 compliance. Contact us at (408) 748-9970 or for pricing!

Please follow these guidelines:

1. Lamps must be fully contained in boxes or non-compliance fee will be applied per transaction. If you need a box you can purchase one at our store.

2. Lamps must be counted beforehand.

3. Lamps must be brought to Liberty Lighting, unless other arrangements are made. Pull up next to the warehouse door and notify an employee when you are ready to unload the recycling.

 For more informational visit